2016 - Best of British

In April 2016, West Wirral Scouts and Guides came together once again to present a variety performance for the whole family during the School Easter holidays with song, dance, comedy and drama. Our 2016 Gang Show had a very British theme, with James Bond, The Vicar of Dibley, Oliver, King Arthur and even a trip into the world of Jane Austen too!

Audiences hailed our 2016 show as our best ever with quotes including "An Absolute Triumph" and "Not a good Gang Show... but an Exceptional Gang Show"

One of the smallest but most talented casts we've ever had included a re-enactment of the 2012 Olypics Opening ceremony celebration of the Industrial revolution. Monty Python and Two Ronnies Sketches and songs including "Where the streets have no name", "Titanium" and a Last night of the proms themed Finale.

Stand out Moment

Watching the glowing Fleur De Lis rise above the silhouettes of the cast at the end of the Industrial Revolution Scene

Honourable Mention

All of the audience members who got on stage to join in with our tribute to "The Boy with Tape on his face" Thank you for joining in so wholeheartedly!